For Maryland McDonald’s Owner and Operator, Sandy Spring Bank is a True Business Partner

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Jeff Taylor began working at McDonald’s nearly 50 years ago — his first job while he was still in school. He worked for McDonald’s Corporation for 21 years before he and his wife had the opportunity to become owners and operators. In 1992, they purchased their first McDonald’s restaurant in Jessup, MD and now own and operate 10 restaurants throughout Howard, Carroll and Baltimore Counties.
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For Computer World Services, Sandy Spring Bank’s Knowledge of the Government Contracting Sector Sets It Apart from Others

Frank Hameed, President and CFO, Computer World Services
In the 30 years since Frank Hameed founded Computer World Services (CWS), the company’s growth has been exponential. Starting as a one-person outfit in 1990 providing training to DISA engineers in the transition to then-new Voice over IP networks, today CWS is a significant player in the network integration sector, operating worldwide with more than 400 employees serving more than 20 federal agencies.
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For The Kenjya-Trusant Group, LLC, Sandy Spring Bank Offers the Perfect Combination of Services

Vince Marucci, Principal and CFO, The Kenjya-Trusant Group, LLC
The Kenjya-Trusant Group, LLC, is a government contractor that provides technical support services for federal agencies and Principal and CFO, Vince Marucci, knows how important their banking needs are. Having been in business for over 15 years, one of the things they believed in was long-term relationships. Since switching to Sandy Spring Bank, it didn’t take long for Marucci to realize they’re a really good match.
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Montgomery Hospice is Treated as if They’re the ONLY Client Sandy Spring Bank Has

Monica Escalante, Chief Financial Officer of Montgomery Hospice
A little over a decade ago, Monica Escalante, Chief Financial Officer of Montgomery Hospice, made the decision to open an account at Sandy Spring Bank, and she never looked back. p>When they first started working with Sandy Spring Bank, Montgomery Hospice wasn’t as big as they are now and didn’t serve as many patients. Sandy Spring Bank worked with them and took the time to understand and meet their needs. “Sometimes you really need advice, such as the need for opening a separate account. They will suggest ideas and weigh the pros and cons,” stated Escalante. “We feel like we are not just another client…it feels as if we are the ONLY client.”
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