Online Banking and Bill Pay

Online Banking and Bill Pay

You can pay your bills, check your balance, transfer funds, and review your transactions from anywhere, anytime. 

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Bill Pay

From your mortgage payment to your cable bill, pay virtually anyone for free. Pay a bill by 10 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, and any biller who accepts electronic payments will have your payment the next business day. Those who do not accept electronic payments will typically receive payment within four business days.

Fun fact: If you pay 60 bills this year (just five per month), then you’ll save about $30 in postage!


Receive your bills electronically from hundreds of different billers and even set them up for automatic payment.

Account Alerts

Receive an email whenever an item has been presented for payment, when your balance has reached a certain threshold, or when a deposit has been made to your account. Simply login to Online Banking and click the “Notify Me Alerts” tab to update your settings.

Alert Types

  • Account Balance
  • Account Overdrawn
  • Balance > $ – greater than amount you specify
  • Balance < $ – less than amount you specify
  • Check #(s) Cleared – or presented for payment
  • Deposit Made > $ – greater than amount you specify
  • Transaction > $ – greater than amount you specify

External Transfers

Make transfers to and from your accounts at other financial institutions for free on a one-time, future, or recurring basis. Learn more with our FAQs.

Account Register

Customize your transaction descriptions, set categories, and create reports on how you’re spending (and saving) your money.

Electronic Statements

Go green and receive statements two to three days earlier than you do with postal mail. Electronic Statements include images of paid checks, can be saved to your computer, and stay in the system for up to two years.