Leasehold Improvement Loans

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Needing more office space is a common side effect of being really good at what you do. So when it’s time to remodel or expand your work environment, a Leasehold Improvement Loan from Sandy Spring Bank could be just what you need. We're happy to schedule a visit or answer any questions you may have. Call 800.789.4069 now or click "Contact Now" to get in touch with Sonia F. Murphy, Business Banker, to see how you can take advantage of this offer. 

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Leasehold Improvement Loans

  • 90% financing
  • Terms up to 10 Years
  • Up to 6 months interest only payment option
  • Loans up to $1,000,000

For more information about our Leasehold Improvement loans call 800.789.4069 or Contact Us Now.

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Whether starting a new business or growing an established one, we’re here to help.  By developing a strong relationship and a deep understanding of your business, our team can offer a proactive approach and customized solutions.

And as you build out your space be sure that you are properly protected. From commercial plans and auto insurance to employee-benefit programs and personal insurance, Sandy Spring Insurance can find the right combination of insurance to meet your needs.

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