For Computer World Services, Sandy Spring Bank’s Knowledge of the Government Contracting Sector Sets It Apart from Others

Frank Hameed, President and CFO, Computer World Services

In the 30 years since Frank Hameed founded Computer World Services (CWS), the company’s growth has been exponential. Starting as a one-person outfit in 1990 providing training to DISA engineers in the transition to then-new Voice over IP networks, today CWS is a significant player in the network integration sector, operating worldwide with more than 400 employees serving more than 20 federal agencies.

But Mr. Hameed has never lost touch with the entrepreneurial spirit that first fueled CWS’s growth. “No matter how much your business grows or how much you’ve expanded your relationships with your customers, I think there’s a lot to be said for keeping a lean mindset,” he said. 

He found there’s a lot to be said for the accessibility, specificity, and service ethic a more specialized bank can bring.

Five years ago, Mr. Hameed and CWS found such a fit in Sandy Spring Bank.

“Bottom line, as a decision maker, you need to be able to connect directly with a decision maker at your bank and get an answer,” he said. 

And while Mr. Hameed values the ease of accessibility he enjoys with Sandy Spring Bank, there’s something even more important to him: their knowledge of CWS’s business.

“Sandy Spring Bank really understands our business as a government contractor,” he said. “Government contracting is a unique business. Its dynamics are quite different from the private sector. The way projects ramp up is different. The way revenue comes in and the role expanded lines of credit play is different. If a bank doesn’t understand those things, it’s not going to be a great fit for anyone,” he said.

Fortunately, Sandy Spring Bank provides such a fit.

Asked to assess Sandy Spring Bank’s level of service to CWS since they became the company’s bank five years ago, Mr. Hameed answered by looking into the future. “I’ll put it this way. If I look forward five years from now and envision our banking partner, it’s Sandy Spring Bank.”

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