For Leading CPA Firm Kearney & Company, Sandy Spring Bank is a Trusted Partner

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Kearney & Company only has one customer, but it’s a big one: the U.S. Federal Government. 

As the nation’s largest Certified Public Accounting firm dedicated exclusively to serving the Federal Government, Kearney is tasked with a formidable challenge: helping the Federal Government manage its finances. The firm provides federal clientele with management consulting and audit services that improve the effectiveness and efficiency of financial operations; increase accountability and compliance; and protect funds from fraud, waste, and abuse.

With a mission as critical as that, Kearney knew it needed a bank that understood its business. 

Six years ago, Kearney found that partner in Sandy Spring Bank.

 “Previously, we worked with some strong banks, but what was missing was a bank who really understood our business,” said Kearney & Company CFO Greg Sizelove.  

Such a fit was essential. “We’re a complex organization, and the dynamics of our work present a unique set of challenges. Most banks try to fit customers into a ‘box,’ and that didn’t work for us. We needed a bank that was able to work with us as a true partner,” Sizelove said.

Looking back over Sandy Spring Bank’s six-plus-year track record serving Kearney & Company, Sizelove sees a lot to like. “It’s a strong relationship, in both directions. They listen, they make good suggestions, and they’re intently focused on helping us succeed,” he said. “We couldn’t do what we do without them.”

As Sizelove sees it, the strength of the relationship may have something to do with some shared DNA between Kearney & Company and Sandy Spring Bank. “We’re both growing, both getting larger every year, but we understand how important relationships are, and we’ve never lost touch with the entrepreneurial spirit that got us here. We have a lot in common.” 

How likely would Sizelove be to recommend Sandy Spring Bank? “Very likely. The quality of their work is excellent, the relationships are strong, and they always make good on their promises. We found the banking partner we needed.”

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