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Resilience in both the U.S. economy and inflation caused market participants to recalibrate their expectations for lower policy rates from the Federal Reserve. Economic data modestly reaccelerated while inflation rose a bit more than expected, driven by services and energy prices.
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The qualified small business stock (QSBS) exclusion (Section 1202) is a U.S. tax benefit that applies to eligible shareholders of a qualified small business (QSB). This exclusion was enacted in 1993 to encourage investment in certain types of businesses.
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What’s the difference? Quick Take Investment advisers must meet a certain standard of conduct, either suitability or fiduciary. Suitability standard requires advisers to make investment recommendations that are suitable based on a client's age, financial goals and risk tolerance. Fiduciary standard requires the adviser to place the clients' interest ahead of their own. Simply put, the fiduciary standard rises to a higher level of duty and care which is one reason why Sandy Spring Trust advisers follow the fiduciary standard.
The Economy. The economy maintained its trajectory of growth with slowing inflation. In fact, inflation slowed enough that the Federal Reserve kept the Federal Funds rate level during its two Q4 meetings. This prompted a strong rally in risk assets as markets applauded the likely end to the Fed’s current rate hike cycle, possible rate cuts in 2024 and the improved potential for a legitimate soft landing for the economy.
Evaluating an investment manager is no easy feat. At first it seems impossible to know who really is as knowledgeable as they say or who actually has your best interest at heart.
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By John Molster, Vice President and Director of Financial Planning, Sandy Spring Trust. The start of a new year is a great opportunity to take stock and organize your finances so that you’re set up for success. Here are five easy actions you can take today to help ensure a financially healthy year ahead.
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Summary Economic data continues to be mixed as the labor market remains strong, weak manufacturing data seems better than many feared, services data is slowing but still resilient, and inflation remains elevated but improving.