Education Week Values the Responsiveness of Sandy Spring Bank, Especially During Critical Moments

Michele J Givens, President & CEO, Education Week
Since 1981, Education Week has been the cornerstone national resource for K-12 news and information with the mission to make sure that every child in this country has access to a high-quality education. When Michele Givens joined the organization in 2001 as General Manager, she understood the multiple streams of revenue that Education Week generates. In 2016, when she was appointed President and CEO, she knew that they needed a bank to understand their diverse financial needs.
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A Time-Tested Partnership: Sandy Spring Bank and Axiom Resource Management

Tekle Afeworki, Senior Vice President, Finance, Axiom Resource Management
It was just over 10 years ago, in October 2010, that Axiom Resource Management selected Sandy Spring Bank. How does Axiom Senior Vice President of Finance Tekle Afeworki rate the choice? “The calendar tells the story. Sandy Spring Bank has been our bank for a decade,” he said. “In those years, we had been approached many times by other banks, but I can tell you those have been fairly short conversations.”
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When Getting Bigger as a Company Drives You to Find a Smaller Bank: Kranze Technology Solutions and Sandy Spring Bank are a Perfect Fit

Julie Kranze Founding Partner Technology Solutions Sandy Spring Bank Government Contractor
Founded a little over 12 years ago, Illinois-based Kranze Technology Solutions designs and builds high-tech digital equipment, primarily for use by the U.S. military. For the first couple of years, the company operated using a fairly modest line of credit extended to it by the major national bank with which it was then working.
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For Trinity Technology Partners, Sandy Spring Bank is the Perfect Fit

Bruce E. Lansdowne Trinity Technology Partners Sandy Spring Bank
When Bruce E. Lansdowne founded Trinity Technology Partners in 2008, he knew he could grow the business on a fast track but finding the right banking partner to help fuel that growth was a critical piece of the puzzle. Bottom line: Lansdowne wanted a bank that was big enough to fulfill all of Trinity’s needs but small enough that he could have a direct relationship with the decision makers at his bank.
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