The FDIC & Your Money - What You Should Know

Ben Franklin and money. Sandy Spring Bank FDIC
In the 1920s and 30s, economic crisis and the feeling of mistrust and unease rode rampant, leading to a dramatic rise in bank failures. During those times, if a bank failed, that was it; there was no recourse for the depositor, they simply lost...

Scams & Exploitation - What You Need to Know About Elder Financial Abuse

Older woman looking at financials
According to the American Bankers Association, Americans over 50 years old control more than 70 percent of the nation's wealth. Put into real terms, this group is set to pass to their children more than $68 trillion; the largest transfer of...

Financial Cybersecurity: Protecting Yourself Off and Online

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Every morning my phone alarm wakes me up. I go to the fridge, programmed with the latest weather report, to grab some water. I drive to work mostly effortlessly thanks in large part to the microchips living inside it, and then I spend the day working, feeding information into a computer which is then spread to the world through a series of wires and light. My life just doesn’t include technology, it is defined by it and I’m certainly not the odd man out here.

Talking to Kids About Money

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This week we are thrilled to share this post by guest author Michael Limerez. Michael has been with Sandy Spring Bank for a number of years, starting just two weeks after his 18th birthday. He has worked in many areas of the bank, including Operations, the Client Service Center, and Treasury Services. He is currently the Manager of the Treasury Management Service and Support area of the bank.

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Financial Planning

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Everyone means well. We all want to be that person who has everything organized and mapped out, especially when talking about budgeting and planning for retirement. The fact though is that most of us aren’t that person and we could use a little help with better understanding our finances and learning how best to make them work for us so we can retire with ease.

Getting (and Staying) Debt Free in 4 Steps

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Let’s consider some facts. About a third of all Americans only pay the minimum amount due on their credit cards every month and a staggering 35% of Americans have had their credit card debt in collections at some point in their lives.

Quick Start Guide to Creating a Rainy Day Fund

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Your mother probably always warned you to be careful not because you were reckless, but because you just never know what life will throw at you. It may have taken a few decades to appreciate those concerns, but as an adult you realize how right she was.

Women's History Month Interview with Dushanti Peiris

Dushanti Peiris Sandy Spring Bank
This Women’s History Month, Sandy Spring is shining a light on some of our remarkable women leaders. Meet Dushanti Peiris, Vice President and Branch Manager. Dushanti shared her thoughts on leadership and who inspires her.

Women’s History Month Interview with Noha Galal

Noha Galal Sandy Spring Bank
This Women’s History Month, Sandy Spring is shining a light on some of our remarkable women leaders. Meet Noha Galal, Senior Vice President and Middle Market Team Leader for Corporate and Institutional Banking Division. Noha shared with Sandy Spring her thoughts on community, leadership, and the importance of mentorship.

Women’s History Month Interview with Ronda McDowell

Ronda McDowell Sandy Spring Bank
This Women’s History month, Sandy Spring is shining a light on some of our remarkable women leaders. Meet Ronda McDowell, Executive Vice President, Chief Operations Officer. Ronda sat down with Sandy Spring to share about the woman who inspires her most and the legacy she hopes to leave.