Sandy Spring Bank Goes Above and Beyond DSFederal’s Banking Expectations

Sophia Parker, Founder # CEO DSFederal

When Sophia Parker founded DSFederal in 2007, she knew she wanted to deliver the best customer service, products, and solutions to her customers. As a boutique government contractor, DSFederal provides IT training and program solutions to federal clients. With any client, much less the federal government, they realized that their financial institution would play an important role in delivering top notch customer service. 

DSFederal reached out to Sandy Spring Bank in 2013 to assist them with securing a line of credit that they were unable to secure in the past. Frank Merendino, Senior Vice President and Team Leader of Sandy Spring Bank’s Government Contractor Lending Group has been supporting DSFederal from day one. Frank worked them along the way, tailoring the services to help the company scale. Something that Parker emphasizes, “I’m still so appreciative of Frank’s help to this day.” They’ve been banking with Sandy Spring Bank ever since.

Notwithstanding providing a solution to the crucial line of credit challenge DSFederal previously faced, Sandy Spring Bank has proven to be more than they expected in a bank. “For example, for the PPP loan, we didn’t know much about it, so we reached out to Sandy Spring Bank and asked if we qualified,” Parker stated. “They looked into it and walked us through it and quickly helped us. Otherwise, we would’ve missed it. This is a good example of how Sandy Spring Bank went above and beyond.”

Being a small business owner, Parker found herself relying on Sandy Spring Bank as a partner that would help guide DSFederal through financial needs no matter the size. “They understand the subtle nuances of government contractors and take care of the client no matter how big or small the account is. They pay attention to details and alert us to things that we need to know, and they’re very proactive. For that, we’re very appreciative.”

Parker noted that Sandy Spring Bank is different from other banks she’s experienced, noting, “I’ve even introduced the bank to my son!” 

“They are very tailored toward businesses in the area,” she stated. “Since DC has so many government contractors, they understand our needs, and we’re still with Sandy Spring Bank because of the service. Sandy Spring Bank is always there for us.”

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