Equipment & Titled Vehicle Lending

Forklift and truck in front of a garage. Sandy Spring Bank Equipment Lending.

They’re the result of hard work and lots of planning, along with flexible financing when you need it. Sandy Spring Bank sees your bigger picture, and can help you get the equipment you need for your business to succeed.

  • New Equipment
    • 3 Years - 3.04% APR
    • 5 Years - 3.54% APR
    • 7 Years - 3.79% APR
  • Used Equipment
    • 3 Years - 3.54% APR
    • 5 Years - 3.79% APR
    • 7 Years - 4.04% APR

For more information about our equipment loans call 888.SSB.4BIZ or Talk to a Professional.

  • Disclosure

    The terms expressed above are intended for discussion purposes only and do not in any way represent a commitment or obligation to lend or extend credit. This is not an offer and is subject to the receipt of a completed application and the completion of the Bank’s formal credit review, underwriting and approval process. Rates as of 9/20/2021 and subject to change without notice. Offer expires 12/31/2021.

    Insurance provided by Sandy Spring Insurance, an affiliate of Sandy Spring Bank.

    Wealth and insurance products are not FDIC insured, not guaranteed, and may lose value.