For Maryland McDonald’s Owner and Operator, Sandy Spring Bank is a True Business Partner

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Jeff Taylor began working at McDonald’s nearly 50 years ago — his first job while he was still in school. He worked for McDonald’s Corporation for 21 years before he and his wife had the opportunity to become owners and operators. In 1992, they purchased their first McDonald’s restaurant in Jessup, MD and now own and operate 10 restaurants throughout Howard, Carroll and Baltimore Counties.

In the beginning of his career as an owner/operator, Taylor always worked with large international banks. But when his previous bank began to experience issues due to the economic downturn, he considered making a change. A friend of Taylor’s, who was also a Sandy Spring Bank employee, suggested he speak with the team. 

At that time, Taylor had several specific and immediate banking needs, including the full teardown and rebuild of a McDonald’s restaurant in Eldersburg, MD, which required borrowing a substantial amount of money — and fast. The Sandy Spring Bank team sat down with Taylor to talk about his business and borrowing needs. To help them better visualize the restaurant rebuild, the Sandy Spring Bank team drove to Eldersburg to meet in person with Taylor and see firsthand what was needed to make the project a reality.  

“For the team at Sandy Spring Bank to take the time to drive all the way out to Eldersburg and physically see the location in question impressed me to no end. The meeting also gave me, a small business owner, the opportunity to impress them as well,” said Taylor. 

The relationship has only grown from there. For Taylor, “Sandy Spring Bank has been a great partner, and I mean that with sincerity. They reviewed my business plan and financials and gave me exactly the right terms and solutions to meet my immediate needs.”

Recently, Taylor had the opportunity to buy two more restaurants. He immediately went to his Sandy Spring Bank relationship manager, presented the price and was able to get the money he needed quickly and easily. For him, it is the customer service and partnership of Sandy Spring Bank as a whole that sets them apart. 

Taylor’s relationship with the bank became even stronger in 2020 during the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan application process. “I truly felt like we were learning this together,” he said, describing one Saturday night he spent on the phone with his accountant, attorney and Sandy Spring Bank relationship manager, navigating the complex loan application together. 

Taylor has now been a client of Sandy Spring Bank for nearly four years. 

“I don’t feel like I’m just a customer of Sandy Spring Bank. I truly have a personal connection.” Taylor continued, “They genuinely care about my business, my family and my life. I’ve never experienced that with a bank before.”   

For more information on Sandy Spring Bank’s commercial banking products and services, please contact Sharon Cantrell at [email protected].

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