Sandy Spring Bank Helps Virginia Title Company Save Money and Close More Business

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Alford Title and Consulting is a locally-owned and operated title company in Caroline County, Virginia. Owner Angelica Alford strives to make the home buying, selling, and refinancing process as smooth as possible. To ensure success for her clients — and her business — Alford needed a dependable bank to manage numerous large, time-sensitive transactions safely and efficiently.

Alford moved her escrow account to Sandy Spring Bank three years ago after speaking with a mutual connection at the bank. At the time, her existing bank started to charge her very high fees for incoming and outgoing wires. After being charged $1,200 in one month, she knew it was time for a change.  

“When I went from doing two to three closings a month to upwards of 15, I was astounded at the fees my existing bank was charging me,” said Alford. “I immediately reached out to my banker  to discuss my concerns, but I never received a callback. ”

That’s when Alford came to Sandy Spring Bank. 

“In the title industry, customer service is paramount,” stated Alford. “From my initial contact with Sandy Spring Bank, I was immediately impressed with the bank’s responsiveness and expertise. I felt very comfortable moving my escrow account to them.”

Alford had also run into problems with efficiency at her prior bank.

“As a title company, you’re handling someone else’s money, so immediately sending out wires is critical. With Sandy Spring Bank, it’s nice to set a wire for 9:00 am and get a call from a client minutes later confirming they’ve received the funds,” proclaimed Alford. 

Alford has also found Sandy Spring Bank’s responsiveness to fraud issues top-notch. She consistently receives a quick response to any fraud-related questions and feels confident knowing Sandy Spring Bank will investigate fraudulent activity immediately.   

“Change isn’t easy for me. So, moving any account from one bank to another was a big deal! But I’ve been so pleased with Sandy Spring Bank that I’ve also moved my personal accounts to them. I’m thrilled I’ve found such a wonderful banking partner,” concluded Alford. 

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