During a Volatile Time, Sandy Spring Bank Partners with a Local Maryland Wedding and Event Venue as it Continues to Succeed

Dereck Janes Chesapeake Beach Club

The Chesapeake Bay Beach Club is a premier wedding and event venue located on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Just across the Bay Bridge, the property offers waterfront bay views that make it an idyllic place for weddings and special events.

Before Sandy Spring Bank, the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club was banking with a large competitor. However, the venue’s founder, John Wilson, didn’t feel satisfied with the level of service he was receiving. When he and his colleague, Dereck Janes, were introduced to Sandy Spring Bank, both were immediately impressed by the Bank’s strong market reputation and commitment to customer service. The Chesapeake Bay Beach Club officially moved over to Sandy Spring Bank when they refinanced in 2019. 

“By that point, we had met with the Sandy Spring Bank team several times and felt like they truly cared about our business,” said Janes. “The Bank’s team and process cemented the deal.” 

But in 2020, Wilson tragically passed away, leaving Janes in charge. Shortly after Wilson’s passing, Janes was thrown yet another major curveball when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. 

“The pandemic hit our industry extremely hard,” stated Janes. “Yet, amidst the uncertainty, it also showcased the perseverance and dedication of our team. Everyone rolled up their sleeves and filled a variety of roles, from landscaping to kitchen duty, to help keep our venue up and running.” 

At the onset of the pandemic, Sandy Spring Bank was in constant contact with Janes and his team to get status updates and provide much-needed support by granting a variety of short-term payment deferrals. 

In late 2020, Sandy Spring finalized financing for another phase of development for the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. “At a time when many lenders were desperately trying to minimize their risk in the hospitality industry, Sandy Spring Bank provided funds for our future expansion,” stated Janes. “We couldn’t be more thankful for the confidence Sandy Spring Bank has had in the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club’s management, operations, and vision.” 

A year later, as life began to return to a sense of normalcy, the relationship truly showed its power. With Sandy Spring Bank’s support during a challenging time, the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club posted record revenues and profitability in 2021.  

Janes concludes, “Due to Sandy Spring Bank’s willingness to truly connect and understand our business, we look forward to a very long-standing partnership.” 

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