‘True Partnership’ with Sandy Spring Bank Leads to Explosive Revenue Growth for Quadrant Inc.

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Before choosing Sandy Spring Bank a little over five years ago, Quadrant Inc. had worked with “about six different banks,” says Quadrant CEO and founder Cait Vargas-Cissel. “We tried lots of different banks and, lots of different kinds of banks, but we never found one that felt like a partner until we came to Sandy Spring Bank.”

And for Vargas-Cissel a sense of partnership is critical. 

Although Quadrant, which provides temporary healthcare and IT staffing to organizations coast to coast, has experienced steady growth since Vargas-Cissel founded the company in 2002, she says the firm’s most explosive growth has happened since she selected Sandy Spring Bank.

“We’ve always had a strong business, but after about 10 years we hit a plateau and weren’t able to get past it,” she said. “And the reason was simple, we needed capital to grow our business. The demand from our customers was there, but the lines of credit we needed to grow were not available.”

“With our other banks, everything was a ‘fight’ every step of the way. I wanted to focus on serving our clients and growing the business, not on negotiating with our own bank, but that’s where a lot of time and energy was going,” she said.

That all changed when Vargas-Cissel selected Sandy Spring Bank. “It sounds corny but going with Sandy Spring was life changing. It really was. And here’s the proof: the size of our business has more than doubled since we’ve been with Sandy Spring Bank and I credit a lot of that to them, because they believed in our business and gave us access to the capital we needed to achieve what we knew we could.”

Which is not to say Quadrant’s growth curve is complete. “We’re growing every month and I see a very bright future for our business -- and I absolutely see Sandy Spring Bank as a part of that. They helped us to get where we are and it’s hard to imagine them not being there for the next chapter.”

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