Exponential Growth & Solid Relationships: The Bond Between Sandy Spring Bank and ATSI Corp. Keeps Getting Stronger

Patrick Regan, CEO & President, ATSI Corp

In the nine years ATSI Corp. has done its banking with Sandy Spring Bank, its business has grown exponentially — from three employees, to 10, to 50 to currently near 100 — with ATSI’s revenue growth on an even higher trajectory.

What made ATSI President & CEO Patrick Regan select Sandy Spring Bank as his bank, back in 2011, is what makes him glad they’re still his company’s bank today as the company experiences such dynamic growth.

“It’s the people. It’s the relationships,” Regan said. “As a customer, you can’t ‘buy’ strong relationships, and as a bank, they can’t fake them. They’re either there or they're not.

Part of the strength of the bond between Sandy Spring Bank and ATSI is the bank’s deep knowledge of ATSI’s business.  “Our business is focused on providing technology solutions to the Federal Government, with an emphasis on the defense sector,” said Regan, a retired U.S. Marine. 

“The flow of our business — for example, the way contracts ramp up, the way revenue flows, the way capital drives growth — is unique.  There are plenty of banks who will tell you they understand your business and can meet your needs, but it can be a different story when it comes down to delivering on that promise.”

“Nearly 10 years into our business, the relationship between ATSI and Sandy Spring Bank is stronger than ever, and I don’t see that changing,” Regan said.

And, for Regan, Sandy Spring Bank has delivered on all its promises. “They’re always there, a phone call away. We’ve been impressed by their expertise, their dedication to service, and their ability to deliver.”

When Regan chose Sandy Spring Bank, ATSI Corp. had three employees, “and they’ll be our bank when we have 500 employees or more,” Regan said.  “We found a solid partner in Sandy Spring Bank, and that’s not something we would ever trade.”


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