Legacy Planning  

At Sandy Spring Bank Trust, we look at the full picture when it comes to your assets. Should you leave all of your assets to your family? How do you handle the business, your real estate, your IRA and other retirement assets? How about your beach house, your jewelry, the family heirlooms? Strong estate plans look at potential conflicts and work proactively to minimize potential fights, too.

Sandy Spring Trust can help you plan for the smooth transfer of your wealth to the beneficiaries of your choice in the manner you want to do so. Here are some of the trusts to consider:

Trusts for younger beneficiaries. Leaving significant assets to a minor child without a strong legacy plan can cause many problems. We can help you create trusts to protect these assets during these early years to help protect your legacy.

Charitable trusts. Charitable trusts come in many shapes and sizes, but they always carry with them a tax benefit and the proceeds to the charity can make a huge difference to the community and the people who benefit from their important work. Working closely with your legal and tax advisers, and in some cases with the charity that you plan to support, Sandy Spring Trust can develop the right style of Charitable Trust that meets your goals and objectives.

Special needs situations. The creation of Special Needs Trusts, the selection of the right trustee and the proper planning to help protect your loved one takes time and coordination. Sandy Spring Trust manages many Special Needs Trusts for families within our community. We can help you plan for the care of your loved one.

Generation Skipping/Dynasty Trusts. Generation Skipping Trusts (also known as Dynasty Trusts) can protect assets through generations and significantly reduce the estate taxes your family will pay for generations to come. We can help show you legal ways to prevent your children from paying estate taxes when they try to transfer their wealth to their children. While these documents are complicated and take significant planning, the tax savings can be substantial.

  • Disclosure

    Sandy Spring Trust is a division of Sandy Spring Bank. Neither Sandy Spring Bank nor Sandy Spring Trust acts as a substitute for the legal and tax advisers you, your family and business will need. Our staff works closely with your advisers to coordinate your overall plan.

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