Electronic Statements

Go Paperless and Switch to Electronic Statements – For Free.

  • Reduces the risk of Identity Theft via stolen mail**
  • You always know where to find up to 24 months of your statements

Get Started Now – It’s easy

  • Login to BankXpress Online Banking. Not already a user? Enroll now!
  • Click the “Statements” link on an Account Detail screen to change one or all accounts OR
  • Click the “Welcome” message at the top of the screen, "All Services & Settings”, then “View statements" to change one or all accounts

Did you know that in one year, by switching from paper to electronic billing, statements and payments, the average American household would save 6.6 pounds of paper.*


**Theft of mail, including bank and credit card statements, are common ways thieves steal your personal information.

Sandy Spring Bank is a member of PayItGreen, a partnership between financial institutions, financial industry service providers, and businesses of all sizes. PayItGreen is committed to educating consumers and businesses about the positive environmental impacts of choosing electronic payments, bills, and statements over paper. By choosing electronic payments, the amount of paper in circulation can be significantly reduced-which benefits the environment. PayItGreen encourages consumers to turn off the paper in their financial lives – specifically, to use Direct Deposit, receive bills and financial statements electronically, and make payments electronically. Sandy Spring Bank is working within this partnership to support a collective effort to help the environment.