In-School Banking at Pointers Run Elementary

In-School Banking at Pointers Run Elementary

By Sandy Spring Bank

April is Financial Literacy Month, but all year long we look for ways to help students improve their understanding of critical financial concepts. After all, financial competency is not only an essential life skill, but it is also important to building strong communities.

That’s why our team at the Clarksville community office comes to Pointers Run Elementary twice a month, and provides an in-school savings program to kindergarten-fifth grade students. Fourth grade students take turns serving as the bank tellers, and help their peers make deposits and balance their savings accounts. Not only do students get the chance to hone important math skills, but they also gain early exposure to the practice of saving. By participating in the program, students are also able bank at any of our community offices across Maryland, Virginia and D.C., so that they can continue to save long after the school year ends.

“Marking the second year of partnering with Sandy Spring Bank, we could not be happier with the immediate impact on our students. Our student tellers take special pride in helping their peers manage their own accounts.  Parents love the valuable financial skills their children receive, which will last well beyond their elementary years,” said Lenore Schiff, Principal at Pointers Run Elementary.

“Students, parents and teachers alike love the Sandy Spring savings program. The kids get hands-on practice managing their money, and they gain a greater appreciation for the responsibility that comes with it,” said Melissa Bremer, Senior Platform Banker at Sandy Spring Bank.

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the month about our various financial literacy partners and efforts across our footprint.