How to Pick the Perfect Investment Manager

Sandy Spring Trust Choosing Your Investment Manager

Evaluating an investment manager is no easy feat. At first it seems impossible to know who really is as knowledgeable as they say or who actually has your best interest at heart. To help you make the right decision, we've put together this resource as you search for the perfect portfolio manager.

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How to Choose Your Investment Manager: Education Check the educational background and certifications for the entire team. You're looking for the entire team. You're looking for a mix of expertise. Key Qualities: A great investment manager is honest, transparent and accepting of your ideas. If they're not willing to be open about their strategies, that's a warning sign. Other Considerations: The individuals) should have solid experience and a proven track the record of success. Their attitude should be positive and optimistic an, most importantly, they should be interested in YOUR. Goals: Are your goals and best interests considered? Have an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) in place so that your guidance, objectives and risk tolerance are defined, affirmed and available for the entire portfolio team to reeview. Process: What is their process and how do they make decisions? Make sure they Have a defined discipline and that you understand it. Also, ask what resources they use when makeing investment decisions. A collaborative team approach is best as it draws upon each individual's strengths. Best Interest: Are they a fiduciary? Your manager should be independent and transparent, ideally a fiduciary to ensure their decisions aren't based on sales. Fiduciaries are legally and ethically obligated to act in the best interests of their clients. Ideal Traits: Other Qualities to Consider. Balanced investing approach. Easy to talk to and rerelatable. Accessible dore is always open attitude.


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