Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)

As an active duty servicemember, or as a family member of an active duty servicemember, you may be eligible to receive benefits under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). We want you to be aware so that you can request the benefits to which you may be entitled. 

  • What is SCRA? 
    It is a federal statute that provides benefits and protections for servicemembers who incurred debt for certain financial obligations prior to active duty military service.
  • Who is eligible for SCRA benefits?
    Active duty servicemembers and the spouses and dependents of eligible active duty servicemembers are eligible.

    The following branches of military service are eligible: 
    • Army
    • Navy
    • Air Force
    • Marine Corps
    • Coast Guard 
    • Army Reserves or National Guard called to active duty
    • Coast Guard Reserves called to active duty
    • Air National Guard called to active duty
    • Commissioned officers of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    • Commissioned officers of the Public Health Service
    • U.S. citizens who are members of an allied nation’s military service
  • What type of accounts are covered?
    • Mortgages
    • Home equity loans
    • Personal loans
    • Credit cards
    • Automobiles/ATV/Boat and other vehicle loans 
    • Student loans
    • Potentially other loans for which the servicemember is obligated
  • What benefits and protections are provided?
    • Interest rate reduction to a maximum of 6% for the following financial obligations entered into prior to active duty military service:
      • Mortgage loans (the rate applies during active duty military status and for one year thereafter)
      • Automobile loans
      • Student loans
      • Personal loans
      • Credit card debt
      • Potentially other credit obligations
    • Foreclosure protection on your home
    • Repossession protection against your personal property including your vehicle
    • Possible termination of residential housing and automobile leases

If you have obligations that started before active military service, whether you are currently on active duty military service, or if you were on active duty military service within the last 180 days, or if you are a spouse or dependent of an active duty servicemember you may be entitled to the benefits and protections of the SCRA. Please call us at 800.399.5919 and press 2 to speak to a Sandy Spring Bank representative to discuss your options.