Make Savings Easy with Auto Save

Everyone knows they need to have a savings plan, but the discipline of saving can be challenging. Sandy Spring Bank’s Auto Save is a free transfer service that automatically moves money between your linked Sandy Spring Bank accounts-such as checking and savings.

  • It’s a smart way to save and will help you to get to your savings goal quicker.
  • It’s an easy way to save regularly and within your budget. You decide how much and how often you want to save. With Auto Savings, transfers will occur from your checking to your Savings or Money Market Account– automatically.

Auto Savings Set-Up
Set-up of Auto Savings is a quick and simple. All you will need is a Sandy Spring Bank Checking account and either a Sandy Spring Bank Savings or Money Market account.

You establish start date, frequency and amount to save by choosing a dollar amount to be transferred from your checking to your savings/money market. You can change the amount or frequency of your savings plan any time.

Step 1. Open one of our  FDIC-insured Savings or Money Market accounts
Step 2. Sign on to Online Banking.
Step 3. Select Transfer
Step 4. Select the account you want to transfer from, the account you want to transfer to, the amount, the frequency, and the period.