Q. How much do eStatements cost?
A. ebiz eStatements is a free service!

Q. How does my business sign up for eStatements?
A. Within ebiz, go  to the “Reports” Tab, click on Statements and follow the Statement acceptance process. You can choose to have eStatements for any deposit account enrolled in ebiz.  Once your business enrolls your next available statement will be delivered via ebiz and by U.S. Mail. Subsequent statements will be available only within ebiz.

Note: You must have an ebiz account and the account you wish to receive eStatements for must be available in ebiz. Only a user with “ADMIN” privileges can enroll for eStatements. Sub Users cannot sign up for eStatements unless they are given the ebiz “ADMIN” role.

Q. I have set up an employee and my bookkeeper as Sub Users in ebiz.  How do I give them access to eStatements?
A. The “Admin” User must sign up for eStatements under the Reports Tab in ebiz. Have your Sub Users sign on to ebiz and look under the Reports tab. If they do not see “Statements”, then the “Admin” User will need to go to the Administration tab, click on User Profile, select the Sub User and Modify Services, check Statements and save.

Q. My business receives multiple statements in one mailing, can I still sign up for eStatements?
A. Yes. You just need to ensure that the primary account (usually the checking account) is available in ebiz.


Q. My business currently receives a statement with imaged checks.  Can I receive an eStatements with check images?
A. Yes.  If you are currently receiving check images in your paper statement you will continue to receive images in your eStatements. Note:

  • A cost for images may apply.
  • Images of checks are available within ebiz under the “Reports” tab for no extra cost.

Q. How do I un-enroll my business from eStatements?
A. The “Admin” user must un-enroll through ebiz. In ebiz, go to the Reports tab, click on Statements and follow the instructions to un-enroll from eStatements.

Q. What happens to the business’ eStatements, if my business un-enrolls from eStatements?
A. After you un-enroll, your next statement will be paper and sent by mail (this may take a month depending upon the timing of the request and statement drop.) Any eStatements on ebiz, at the time of un-enrollment, will remain on ebiz for 25 months from date of posting as long as the account remains on ebiz and your ebiz account is open.