What to Do if You Suspect Fraud

Father checks on his phone for suspicious activity. Sandy Spring Bank.

If you believe you may be a victim of fraud, unauthorized or suspicious activity on your accounts, the key is to report it as quickly as possible. We recommend taking the following steps.

  1. Contact us immediately at 800.399.5919 and press 2 for our Client Service Center if you suspect identity theft or fraud involving any of your Sandy Spring Bank accounts. You can also call our Client Service Center to verify the authenticity of any message you receive from Sandy Spring Bank.
  2. If you receive a phishing text, block the number on your cell phone. You should also report the message by copying it and texting it to SPAM (7726). You will receive a reply from your carrier, asking you for the phone number that sent the spam message. If you receive an unexpected text from Sandy Spring Bank, or a text from a sender pretending to be us, do not reply, call back or click on any links. And don’t forget, texts from Sandy Spring Bank do not contain links. We’ll also never ask you for your account number via text.
  3. Contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) toll-free at 877.IDTHEFT (877.438.4338) or visit https://www.identitytheft.gov/#/ and fill out a complaint form.
  4. Contact the three major credit bureaus and ask for a fraud alert to be placed in your file at each. Then, follow-up with a letter. This will tell those that pull your credit report to be careful before opening or changing accounts in your name.
    Contact Name  Website Fraud Line Phone Numbers
    Equifax www.equifax.com 800.525.6285
    Experian www.experian.com 888.397.3742
    TransUnion www.transunion.com 800.680.7289
  5. Notify your bank, credit issuers and any other financial institutions at which you have accounts. Ask to speak to someone in the security or fraud department of each, and follow-up with a letter.
  6. File a police report with your local law enforcement, or with the police in the area where the identity theft occurred. Ask for a copy of the report for future reference.

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