Meet Your Banker: Karen Trendler, Commercial Relationship Manager

Karen Trendler, Commercial Relationship Manager. Sandy Spring Bank
Karen Trendler, Commercial Relationship Manager. Sandy Spring Bank

What would you like to share about your career as a banking professional?

I graduated from Howard University with a degree in finance. I thought that I would go into investment banking, but then I came to realize that banking is much more than just a branch. I got into commercial lending early, and I have been in banking in Greater Washington for more than 30 years now. I like the ability to help people, and l enjoy working with business owners. I am fascinated with the things that my clients do. I have had many interesting experiences over the years. One of the most fun things that I got to do was go to a NASCAR race because one of my clients was involved with NASCAR.

What do you do at Sandy Spring Bank?

I am in the corporate and institutional banking division. During my 12 years at Sandy Spring Bank, I have had vast experience working with businesses in Howard and Prince George’s Counties in Maryland. In October 2021, I became a middle market banker, which means I focus on our larger customers. I am a relationship manager for companies with revenues between $50-$100 million on the lower end and up to $1 billion. We have a legal lending limit of $200 million to one borrower which gives us a lot of runway to serve larger clients. We specialize in merger and acquisition financing and buyouts, but we offer a full range of services to clients. We have many clients who have grown with us, and they choose to stay with us as they get larger. They see us as their partners. I am very proud of this.

How can Sandy Spring Bank help businesses grow?

We have the same capabilities as our larger national competitors. We are a more than $13 billion bank, and we can work with businesses of all sizes. We also have treasury management, private banking and wealth management services and a residential mortgage company. We have more than 50 branches in our footprint. Our executive management team is all local, which is a real advantage. Executives meet with our clients regularly in offices and at community events, including service opportunities. We can talk to decision makers very quickly for our clients. This is what has kept me here.

What would you like to share about your family?

My father is an Air Force veteran, and we moved a lot when I was growing up. I was able to see the world at a very early age. Family is very important to me. My three sisters, my parents and I are all still in the area. I live in Columbia with my husband and 14-year-old son. My parents taught me to value community service, and I have passed the importance of this onto my son.

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