How Nonprofits Can Be Successful During COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted every industry, forcing organizations to adapt to the constantly changing situation. Nonprofits have been especially affected by the changes caused by COVID-19. From annual galas to volunteer events being canceled, nonprofits have had to be creative to continue running without major financial or operational impacts. Nonprofits across the country are finding ways to adapt to the challenging environment. Here are some tips for nonprofits during COVID-19.

Be Flexible
Everyone is having to adapt to the current situation, and nonprofits are no exception. Whether it’s staff working from home, changes to the annual strategy, or other operational shifts – nonprofits should remain flexible to succeed during these uncertain times. Leaders should consider making changes that work best for their organization to continue running efficiently.

Develop New Partnerships and Opportunities
Now more than ever nonprofits need to build a strong community of partners and supporters. Look for new opportunities brought on by COVID-19 that could positively impact the organization. Find new businesses, individuals, or other organizations that forming a partnership could be mutually beneficial. Expanding an organization’s reach to new areas and audiences could mean a vital increase in revenue and resources.

Virtual Events
As the majority of events have moved online in 2020, nonprofits can find ways to successfully shift in-person events and fundraisers to a virtual environment. Although this transition comes with challenges, many nonprofits are finding success in the move. Without the high costs of in-person events, some nonprofits are even outraising previous year’s events by going virtual. In order to have a successful virtual event, nonprofits have found ways to incorporate traditional approaches (online auctions and presentations) with unexpected, creative features to get people interested in attending and make their organization stand out.

Digital Promotion
Nonprofits’ digital platforms are essential to success during COVID-19. Without traditional in-person marketing opportunities, and the fact that people are spending more time online than ever, nonprofits’ digital platforms are a key opportunity to get people’s attention. A nonprofit’s social media, website, and email campaigns are important focus areas for promoting the organization’s news, events, and fundraising campaigns. These platforms give nonprofits the channels to get their important updates in front of their target audience.

While COVID-19 has brought many changes, nonprofits can be flexible and creative in their response in order to be successful during these times. Virtual events, new partnerships, and digital promotion are all key to a nonprofit’s COVID-19 strategy and can bring new opportunities and growth to organizations.

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