Pay Someone (P2P)

Women keyboarding on a laptop. Sandy Spring Bank  Pay Someone P2P.

Pay Someone (P2P) is an online and mobile banking feature which allows users with an active debit Mastercard to generate a payment to someone using their mobile phone number or email address. A link is instantly sent to the recipient, who enters their debit card information to accept the transfer. If the recipient’s card is not setup by their financial institution to accept these transfers, they will have the option to enter their account and routing number to accept the money to their account. 

Go to Online or Mobile Banking. In online banking, select the Accounts tab and then click on Pay Someone. In mobile banking, tap More, then Pay Someone. Simply enter the recipient's email or mobile phone number, enter the amount you want to pay them, enter your debit card number and expiration date and hit send. The recipient will usually have their funds within 24 hours. It is that easy.

Pay Someone (P2P) FAQs