Montgomery Hospice is Treated as if They’re the ONLY Client Sandy Spring Bank Has

Monica Escalante, Chief Financial Officer of Montgomery Hospice

A little over a decade ago, Monica Escalante, Chief Financial Officer of Montgomery Hospice, made the decision to open an account at Sandy Spring Bank, and she never looked back.

When they first started working with Sandy Spring Bank, Montgomery Hospice wasn’t as big as they are now and didn’t serve as many patients. Sandy Spring Bank worked with them and took the time to understand and meet their needs. “Sometimes you really need advice, such as the need for opening a separate account. They will suggest ideas and weigh the pros and cons,” stated Escalante. “We feel like we are not just another client…it feels as if we are the ONLY client.”

A moment that stands out for Monica is when Montgomery Hospice needed customer support with financial federal assistance. It was about 9:00 pm and they were struggling with the online application. Someone at the bank was there to help. “I kept thanking them for helping us at such a late hour,” Escalante continued, “and they said that I didn’t need to thank them because it was their pleasure.”

“If you want to be treated as the only client… if you want a bank to come through when you really need it… If you want customer service that goes above and beyond with people who understand your needs…then Sandy Spring Bank is where you should bank,” said Escalante. 

Escalante is appreciative of the full relationship with Sandy Spring Bank and the value-added service they provide.

For example, fees are a big part of a banking structure and Montgomery Hospice feels that Sandy Spring Bank offers a fair situation. “They look after us and take the time to analyze all possibilities, giving us choices and options. I have learned so much about different services. Sandy Spring Bank is so proactive and they explain things to us in a very understandable way.”

As a nonprofit, Escalante believes that this is the type of banking that should be offered across the board to everyone. She has developed relationships and a level of trust. “It was one of the best decisions I’ve made as CFO. Everyone should use this bank,” she continued, “On a scale of 1-10, it’s a 20!”

Montgomery Hospice & Prince George's Hospice

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