For Connelly School of the Holy Child, Sandy Spring Bank Demonstrates that Actions Matter

Terri Sutton Chief Financial Officer Connelly School of the Holy Child

When an unexpected flood hit Connelly School of the Holy Child, an all-girls private school in Potomac, Maryland, the school braced for the worst. The campus had major damage — from the newly installed turf field to multiple rooms in the building. Holy Child’s CFO, Terri Sutton, knew it could have significant financial impacts on the school’s bottom line.

However, when Sutton contacted her Sandy Spring Bank team, she breathed a sigh of relief. Sutton had recently worked with Sandy Spring Bank’s insurance team on the school’s policy, including flood insurance. The school’s previous policy didn’t include this type of insurance, and without the move to Sandy Spring Bank, it could have cost them more than a million dollars in damage. 

“We take advantage of Sandy Spring Bank’s full range of products and services. We have our banking, use the insurance, and the investment side of the business with the bank. As we’ve added each service area, I’ve continued to be impressed with the knowledge of the staff and their responsiveness, expertise, and experience,” said Sutton.

With a financial hit like flood damage, the school was looking at major challenges in their operating budget and meeting their main mission of providing education. 

“Sandy Spring Bank is a partner to me, and they put my business interests first. They’ve always been able to help make sure I am a priority, and without their help, the school could’ve had serious financial challenges with the flood. Saving money on other areas allows us to give another student who can’t afford tuition the opportunity to get a private school education,” Sutton added. 

No matter what area of the business Sutton is working on with Sandy Spring Bank, she’s been impressed with the level of service she’s received from the team. 

“Across the board, Sandy Spring Bank is phenomenal. The bank’s services protect our financial stability, and the team looks out for their clients. I feel like I have a real banking partner that is as invested and concerned with my success as I am. They have our best interest at heart and use that as their guiding principle. I’m very grateful,” said Sutton. 

Sutton also appreciates how the bank follows the school’s motto. 

“Our motto is ‘actions not words.’ Sandy Spring Bank lives by the motto. I’m very grateful I have a partner to manage all the aspects of our business and make sure the school is in top shape. I know Sandy Spring Bank has our back and is always willing to work with us,” said Sutton.

Connelly School of the Holy Child

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