Client Testimonial – Q&A with Powell Recovery Center, Inc.

Kim Wireman, President & CEO of Powell Recovery Center, Inc.

We recently sat down with Kim Wireman, President & CEO of Powell Recovery Center, Inc., to chat about the Center and how we've been able to work together to help them meet their financial goals.

Powell Recovery Center, Inc. has provided addiction and dual recovery treatment for public health clients in Baltimore City for 30 years. "Treatment on Demand" guides the Center, providing clients with treatment from the moment of first contact. This concept is at the heart of their mission, to put recovery within reach for those most in need.

Kim Wireman joined Powell Recovery Center, Inc. in 2003 as a clinical social worker. She steadily took on more and more responsibilities and in 2013 was named President/CEO. Wireman has led the growth in services and expansion of staff, enabling the Center to reach even more people.

Why bank with Sandy Spring Bank?

"The high level of customer service is almost unequalled, from my experience, among other banks. As an example, when I wanted to open a Certificate of Deposit (CD) for the Center, I called several banks to get more information. None of them would even return my phone call, except for one — Sandy Spring Bank. The Bank is always very responsive and the service timely."

Did You Know?

  • Since 1994, the Center has provided "Treatment on Demand," which means that most clients are scheduled for intake within 24 hours. 
  • The Center is able to serve 250 clients daily. 
  • Maryland is among the top ten states hit hardest by the opioid epidemic, according to U.S. News & World Report.1

How has working with Sandy Spring Bank impacted your business?

"At the Center, we see smart, able, wonderful people and their lives have disintegrated in front of them. In working with the Bank, we have taken out commercial mortgages on a number of properties in Baltimore, enabling us to reach even more people, helping them on the road to recovery. The Bank understands our needs and always offers smart solutions."

Other than customer service, why would you recommend the Bank to a colleague?

"Sandy Spring Bank is focused on serving small businesses in a manner that's individualized. They really understand their clients and how to provide them with what they need, quickly. It's allowed us to stay with one financial institution for multiple transactions, instead of hopping around."


Please be sure to visit the Powell Recovery Center website to learn more about their work. If you're a nonprofit looking for a financial partner, please visit here to learn more about the many benefits of working with Sandy Spring Bank.

1 The 10 States With the Biggest Opioid Problem, U.S. News & World Report.

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