Montgomery Hospice is Treated as if They’re the ONLY Client Sandy Spring Bank Has

Monica Escalante, Chief Financial Officer of Montgomery Hospice
A little over a decade ago, Monica Escalante, Chief Financial Officer of Montgomery Hospice, made the decision to open an account at Sandy Spring Bank, and she never looked back. p>When they first started working with Sandy Spring Bank, Montgomery Hospice wasn’t as big as they are now and didn’t serve as many patients. Sandy Spring Bank worked with them and took the time to understand and meet their needs. “Sometimes you really need advice, such as the need for opening a separate account. They will suggest ideas and weigh the pros and cons,” stated Escalante. “We feel like we are not just another client…it feels as if we are the ONLY client.”
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Education Week Values the Responsiveness of Sandy Spring Bank, Especially During Critical Moments

Michele J Givens, President & CEO, Education Week
Since 1981, Education Week has been the cornerstone national resource for K-12 news and information with the mission to make sure that every child in this country has access to a high-quality education. When Michele Givens joined the organization in 2001 as General Manager, she understood the multiple streams of revenue that Education Week generates. In 2016, when she was appointed President and CEO, she knew that they needed a bank to understand their diverse financial needs.
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