Manage Alerts
Use this page to manage the alerts you receive and how you receive them. You can add new alerts, change existing alerts, or delete non-mandatory alerts. Enabled alerts are always delivered to your online banking mailbox. Available destinations depend upon the contact information you enter in Personal Preferences.
If you choose to receive text message alerts, you are agreeing to the Text Message Terms and Conditions and our posted Privacy Policy. Messages and Data Rates May Apply, see your Carrier for details. The frequency of text messages will depend on the alerts you choose. You can change your alert selections at any time. Messages can be discontinued by removing your mobile phone number, changing your alert selections, or by sending STOP as a reply to an alert message or directly to 20736. Messages will come from your bank as Bank Alerts.

For additional assistance, type HELP in response to a message from 20736 or send an email to [email protected]. You can also contact us in Secure email using the Contact us Link on this site.
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Select the account for which you would like to manage alerts and click "Go." To add or delete an alert for multiple accounts at once, go to Set Up Account Alerts.
  Alert Send To  
Balance and Activity Alerts    
  Check Presented Alert is off Add
  Credit - Posted
Alert is off
  Debit - Posted Alert is off Add
  Maximum Balance
Alert is off Add
  Minimum Balance Alert is off Add
  Negative Balance Alert is off Add
  Transaction Failed [email protected]
[email protected]
  Check Issue Approval Pending Alert is off Add
  Alert is off Add
  Cancellation Alert is off Add
  Alert Send To  
Telephone Number Changed [email protected] Change
  User Telephone Number Changed Alert is off Add
E-mail Address Changed [email protected] Change
  Company Stale Date
Alert is off Add
  Issue File Import Completed With Errors Alert is off Add
  Issue File Import Failed Alert is off Add
  Issue File Approval Pending Alert is off Add
Password Changed
[email protected]
[email protected]
(734) 171-1313 (text message)
Add new alert
      Alert Frequency Next send On Send To  
Process Payroll Twice a month-the 15th and last day of the month 03/15/2010   ChangeDelete