Online Tips

Online Tips to Ensure the Security of Your Online Account

Tips to Ensure the Security of Your Account Information Online

Install personal firewall & anti-virus software on your computer, such as Norton™ Personal Firewall and Norton Antivirus™. Periodically scan your system using spyware detection software, such as McAfee® antispyware™.

Set your operating system software (e.g. Microsoft Windows) to notify you when an update is available. If you are informed that an update or patch is available for any operating system or security software, download and install it. To set this option, refer to your software’s user manual.

Visit your browser’s website regularly to check for updates.

If you are using a wireless network connection, make sure it’s secure by using encryption. Refer to your network’s user manual.

Beware of saving passwords to your computer, especially if you share your computer with others.

Protect your email address by using a freemail address rather than your personal email if you are not sure who might get access to your address. i.e. Yahoo!® Or Hotmail.

Do not click on unsolicited pop-ups.

Do not open unsolicited or unknown email, and use caution when opening email attachments.