Take control of your finances by understanding overdraft services and other strategies you can use to help you manage your accounts.

Overdraft services include how we handle transactions that would overdraw your account, as well as, ways to prevent overdrafts from occurring. Sandy Spring Bank offers two kinds of overdraft services:

1. Standard Overdraft Services refers to the flat fee that we charge to cover each occurrence of an overdraft. The fee is currently $37. If your account is overdrawn for seven (7) consecutive calendar days, we will charge an additional $5.00 per business day. You have the option to “Opt In” to the Bank’s Standard Overdraft Services in order for an overdraft resulting from a debit or ATM card transaction to be paid and a fee to be assessed*. If you do not “Opt In,” any debit or ATM transaction that would overdraw your account will not be paid and no fee will be assessed. Standard Overdraft Services fees will continue to apply for overdrafts from check and online bill pay transactions.*
Click here to learn more about Standard Overdraft Services.

2. Overdraft Protection is a service you can sign up for that links your checking account to a personal line of credit, home equity line of credit or a savings account to cover overdrafts. When your checking account does not have sufficient funds to cover your transactions, the funds are automatically transferred from your linked account to cover your transactions. The service is designed to give you more flexibility when you need to make purchases and don’t have enough money in your checking account at the time of the transaction. Overdraft Protection helps prevent declined transactions, returned checks or other overdrafts on your accounts. Depending on what type of overdraft protection and type of checking account you have, there may be fees for these services, but they are generally less costly than standard overdraft fees. Click here to compare your options.

*Items are approved for accounts generally in good standing. We pay overdrafts at our discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction.


In addition, here are some other helpful tips.

  • Use BankXpress Online Banking to find out how much money you have in your account. Remember to subtract any of your transactions that aren’t listed in Online Banking as those might come to Sandy Spring Bank later in the day and reduce your available balance.
  • Sign up for Email Alerts such as our Low Balance Alert. Alerts notify you when you reach a certain balance that you set. Getting notified automatically about account activity and balances can help you stay on top of your transactions and balances.
  • Transfer funds between accounts. You can make a transfer in Online Banking, or through telephone banking, so that you have enough funds for a purchase or ATM withdrawal.
  • Balance your checkbook to keep track of all your deposits and withdrawals.
  • Make a budget. Write down all your sources of income and your expenses. Then, determine how you can cut back on what you’re spending. Start yours today by using our online Home Budget calculator.