To enhance your online security, Sandy Spring Bank will be implementing changes to Passcode requirements.  Beginning Monday, April 8, 2013 Online Banking Passcodes must be updated to follow these new requirements:

  • Passcodes will be case sensitive. To help alleviate mistyped Passcodes, if your CAPS lock is on, you'll see a CAPS lock indicator in the Passcode field.
  • New Passcodes must be different than:

o Passcodes created in the prior 6 months*

o the last 6 Passcodes you have used*

*These rules apply beginning with future Passcode changes only - subsequent to this initial required change.


Our existing requirements will not change:

  • Passcodes must contain at least 1 numeric and 1 alpha character.
  • Passcodes cannot be the same as your Access ID

When you login on or after April 8th, you'll see a request to change your Passcode to conform to the new requirements listed above. You can change your Passcode at that time or click 'Remind Me Next Day' to bypass until the next weekday that you log in, and you can change your Passcode then.

If you change your Passcode before receiving the change request, you will not be required to change it again unless you have not conformed to the above requirements.

Feel free to contact us, at 800-399-5919 and press 2 for our Client Service Center, with any questions about the new requirements.




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