What is Finance Center?
Finance Center gives you a consolidated view of all your accounts at Sandy Spring Bank and other financial institutions in one place to give you quick and up-to-date access to the information you need to effectively manage and monitor your money. Whether it’s the balance or last 30-days’ transactions, Finance Center can be your one-click resource-and it’s completely free for BankXpress Online Banking users. This service is completely private – Sandy Spring Bank does not monitor or have access to activity or accounts you add to Finance Center.

Finance Center aggregates all of your online relationships into one, easy to view screen.

You can view:

Checking, Savings and CDs at other banks
Store branded and major credit cards
Investment accounts
Mortgages and Loans

Finance Center supports over 8,000 financial institutions and rewards accounts.

How does it work?
Finance Center does the work for you by logging into your accounts, and providing you a Financial Snapshot of your total balances by category and institution. Simply input your login credentials for each one and Finance Center will do the rest.

How Can Finance Center Benefit me?
With Finance Center, you can enjoy the convenience of going to a single location to view your consolidated account balances and recent transaction history. You can even see your estimated net worth, based on the information and accounts you’ve included.

Take control with Finance Center. With all your accounts in one place you’ll be more knowledgeable about your finances and the easier it will be for you to manage and monitor your money.

How do I get Started with Finance Center?
Registration is easy. The best way to get started with Finance Center is to get familiar with the account and transaction information that’s currently there, which consists of your Sandy Spring Bank deposit and loan account(s).

If you have online accounts at other financial institutions, add those to Finance Center so you can keep track of all of them in one place. In addition to other accounts, you can add credit cards, investment accounts, and airline reward accounts. Enroll for or Login to BankXpress, click the Finance Center tab and get started now!