Q. What is an eStatement?
A. An eStatement is an electronic version of your paper statement, delivered to you through BankXpress Online Banking. You will be able to save it in HTML format (as a web page), and print it, if you desire.

Q. Is my eStatement secure?
A. Yes! Our BankXpress Online Banking service uses state-of-the-art technology to protect your account information online.

Q. How do I sign up for eStatements?
A. You will need to log on to BankXpress and from the Accounts page click on the statement link for each account you wish to set up.


Q. How do I sign up for BankXpress?
A. Visit our home page and click Apply Online and from the drop down menu select BankXpress Online Banking, or to sign up now click here. There is no charge for BankXpress or eStatements.

Q. Can I sign up for eStatements at a Community Office?
A. No, there is no need to stop by a community office to enroll. You must sign up through BankXpress Online Banking.

Q. When will I get my first eStatement?
A. After you sign up you will receive one more paper statement, after that, all future statements will be eStatements.


Q. Will my statement end date change?
A. No, your statement end date will remain the same as your paper statement's.

Q. Are eStatements free?
A. Yes!

Q. Can I get eStatements for my business account?
A. No, at this time eStatements are only available on personal deposit accounts.


Q. Will all my accounts be on my eStatement?
A. When you sign up for eStatements, you must select the accounts you would like to receive eStatements for. If you select accounts that are part of a combined statement, all accounts you select will then be delivered to you as separate eStatements.

Q. How will I know when my eStatement is ready?
A. You will receive an email notification at the email address you specify during eStatement enrollment letting you know your statement is ready to view. Once you have logged in to BankXpress, you can click on the statement link from the Accounts page.

Q. Can I view images of my checks?
A. Yes. You will have the ability to view images of your checks through your eStatement. Simply click on the check number and you can view the front and back of your check and even print it if you need a copy.


Q. What happens to the statement I get in the mail?
A. You will only get one more statement in the mail after you sign up for eStatements. After that, the paper statement will cease and you will only receive an eStatement.

Q. What happens to the charge I currently pay to have my checks (or images) returned in the statement I get in the mail?
A. You will only see this fee as long as you receive a paper statement. Once you are receiving an eStatement, your account will no longer be assessed this fee.

Q. How do I cancel eStatements and go back to receiving statements by mail?
A. Once you have logged into BankXpress, you can click on the statement link from the Accounts page, and then Opt-out.


  Q. Can I get an eStatement and have a regular statement mailed to an alternate address?
A. No. Once the paper statement is turned off you may only receive your statement electronically.

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  Q. Is there a charge for BankXpress Online Banking?
A. No. There is no charge for BankXpress Online Banking.

  Q. How long will my eStatements be retained in BankXpress?
A. eStatements will start archiving in BankXpress beginning with your first eStatement. Two years after your first eStatement, the oldest statement will drop off each time a new one is sent. A maximum of two years of statements will be available to you online.

  Q. Can I still view previous eStatements after I close my account?
A. Thirty (30) days after your account closes, all eStatements will be deleted from BankXpress. You may save them or print them out beforehand if you wish to keep them.




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