If you're not currently paying bills online, you probably receive all of your bills in your mailbox at home. With e-bills from Sandy Spring Bank, your bills come right to your email inbox. Many companies you do business with offer you the ability to receive their bill online at their website or through Sandy Spring. Click here for a list of common billers providing electronic bills in our area. 

Enroll for billpay today and don't miss another bill.  Just add your billers in BankXpress. As you add your bills through online banking to make payments, an icon will automatically appear if an e-bill is available for that biller.When you see this icon, an e-bill is available from your biller.


e-bills give you great options too, such as auto pay.

With autopay you have three great options. You can elect to have your bill paid automatically when it is sent to you regardless of the amount, have it pay if it is equal to or less than a threshold amount you select, or you may control the amount and date independently.

Always pay the amount due on the bill

If you feel confident that your water bill is always going to be a reasonable dollar amount, you might elect to "Always pay the amount due on the bill". Then you simply select if you want to wait until the payment due date or schedule the payment for earliest available date. You may also like an email reminder once the payment is sent from your account. It's your choice.

With this option, you're specifying that you'd always like to pay the amount due, and to schedule the payment to be made on the date due. Also if you wish, you may elect to receive an email when the payment is pending or it has been made.


Only pay if the bill amount is less than or equal to $$

If your cell phone bill can be less predictable, you may want to set it to "Only pay if the bill amount is less than or equal to" an amount that you are comfortable with. As above you decide if you want to wait until the payment due date or schedule the payment for earliest available date, and if you want email notifications.

With this option, you're specifying that you only want the payment made if it is equal to or less than your specified amount for the individual biller. In this example, if the bill is greater than $130 it will not be autopaid and you will have to manually schedule it. This gives you control and the opportunity to review the bill for discrepancies. The same options exist for payment date and email notification.


Control the date and amount of your automatic payment

Perhaps you have a credit card where there is no interest for eighteen months, and a certain time period where no payments are required either. However to knock out the debt sooner you choose to "Control the date and amount of my automatic payment." Here you can set your payments to be made anywhere from bi-weekly to annually or in eighteen even payments, it's all in your control, it's your choice!


With this option, you're electing to control both the date and amount of the autopayment. You'll specify the particulars on the next screen.


Then, customize your automatic payment.

Here you control every aspect of the payment. You can also use this same option for ANY biller, not just ebills. It's a great way to pay down a purchase by dividing it into equal payments before a promotional period expires!


If you need assistance or have any questions, please call 800-399-5919 and press 2 for our Client Service Center, open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday thru Friday, and from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays.





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