Your Young Savers Account is a smart place for you to keep and save your money.

When you put money into your Young Savers Account, it is called a Deposit. To make a deposit, count the money you want to deposit and write that amount and the date on a Deposit Slip. If you already have your Sandy Dog's Savings Club Kit, you will see that Sandy Dog put some deposit slips and coin wrappers in your kit for you to use. If you run out, you can get more from your In-School Bank or from a Sandy Spring Bank Community Office.


Here's an example of how to fill in a deposit slip.

You should also write the date and amount of your deposit in your Passbook, so you can keep track of how much money you have in your account.

Here's an example of how to record a deposit in your passbook.

Give the deposit slip and your money to a bank teller at your In-School Bank or a Sandy Spring Bank Community Office. The bank teller will give you a deposit receipt and will stamp your Passbook with a special Sandy Dog's Savings Club stamp. With each deposit, you'll be entered to win a great prize!

Your money will be safe in your Young Savers Account until you're ready to take it out.






Deposit Slip & Passbook