Through a unique partnership with elementary schools, our In-School Banking Program teaches children about banking in a "real world" atmosphere with a hands-on approach.

Each week, a Sandy Spring Bank representative visits participating elementary schools and works with children who are trained to be "bank tellers" for the school. They organize a school branch where the tellers are authorized to perform deposit transactions. After all the deposits have been collected, the tellers learn how to settle accounts at the school's bank.

This program works well at several levels. It reinforces basic math skills, gives children a sense of responsibility in handling money, and emphasizes the importance of saving.

Participating Schools in Maryland

Cedar Grove
Cloverly Elementary
Dayton Oaks Elementary
Deale Elementary
East Silver Spring Elementary
Eastport Elementary
Frederick Library
Fulton Elementary
Greencastle Elementary
Greenwood Elementary
Laurel Elementary
Lisbon Elementary
Longfellow Elementary
Mayo Elementary
Oakdale Elementary
Orchard Grove
Resnick Elementary
School of the Incarnation
Sherwood Elementary
St. Louis School
St. Peter's School
Urbana Elementary

Participating Schools in Virginia

Fairhill Elementary
Harper Park Middle


For more information please contact:
Sandy Spring Bank
Attn: Public and Community Relations
17801 Georgia Avenue
Olney, MD 20832