Daniel Sconce

Daniel Sconce Senior Mortgage Banker
Senior Mortgage Banker

611 Rockville Pike
Suite 225
Rockville, MD 20852
United States

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Since starting in the mortgage industry in 2009, Dan has gained the knowledge and in depth experience to provide his customers with the guidance and first-class service that they deserve.

The values of discipline, respect, and integrity were taught to Dan at a young age. Raised in a military family, he traveled all over the world and was expected to embrace these virtues in multiple cultures and lifestyles. To no surprise, these principles are still part of Dan’s everyday life.

Dan has been a Maryland resident for more than 20 years. He graduated from Sherwood High School in 2003 and continued to follow the path to success by earning a BS in Finance from Virginia Tech in 2008.

“Strong values lead to better results for customers.”