Most business owners have been led to believe that workers compensation is “workers compensation”. They believe that because workers compensation insurance is “legislated” they have no control over their costs. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Workers compensation is the ONE insurance over which you, the business owner, can have significant control.

Don’t believe for a moment that you have to live with everything that impacts the skyrocketing premiums you are paying. You can take back financial control of your workers compensation program by learning about the mistakes and the management process we undertake so you avoid being overcharged.

The Institute of Work Comp Advisors studied how to catch these mistakes and implement the strategies needed for a loss-free workplace. The Institute then compiled a 200+ page training manual and a certification process for workers compensation professionals that incorporates today’s technology with yesterday’s hands-on involvement.

Working with the Institute, Sandy Spring Insurance consolidated the results of their study and reduced it to a practical format which is easily implemented. We call it COMPlus. Our COMPlus system addresses all aspects of preventing, managing, and financing workers compensation injuries. Without it you stand to easily lose money.



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