Diversity And Inclusion

At Sandy Spring Bank, our employees serve as financial advocates for our clients, delivering the best possible financial solutions to meet their needs. Attracting, retaining and developing a diverse, highly skilled workforce and creating a workplace where everyone feels included, respected and valued is key to our ability to deliver a remarkable client experience. Our employees are at the heart of our success.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

At Sandy Spring Bank, fostering a positive and highly productive environment begins with treating all employees and clients with respect. We are committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace where all backgrounds, experiences, interests and skills are respected, appreciated and encouraged.

Celebrating the value of diversity begins with understanding and embracing the different markets we serve. We recognize the diversity that exists in our client relationships and our ties to local communities. We wish to enrich our workforce by attracting and retaining individuals for their skills, experience, culture and traits. Employees who bring a variety of perspectives and experiences help us to understand the diverse needs of our clients.

Our efforts to build and maintain a diverse workforce include using digital tools to increase the visibility of our job postings among underrepresented job seekers, including veterans, individuals with disabilities, older workers and minority populations. We are also expanding our recruiting efforts to area community colleges and universities with diverse student populations.

Honesty, integrity and respect for others are central to everything we do, and building a diverse and inclusive workforce is a component of our strategic plan.

Beginning in July 2020, the monthly topics for "Meeting in a Box" shifted to discussions about diversity and inclusion. Each team was encouraged to discuss times when they felt like an outsider, the paradigms and assumptions we have, and how we can create a safe space for colleagues and clients.


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Percent of women in senior management


Percent of ethnic minorities in workforce


Percent of ethnic minorities in senior management

2020 Actions

On June 19, 2020, for the first time, our company closed early to recognize Juneteenth, which commemorates the end of slavery in America. Earlier, following the death of George Floyd, President and CEO Daniel Schrider had reached out to all employees with an invitation to share their experiences and perspectives on racial inequality. Over 100 employees responded to him privately with their personal stories. Continuing the conversation, Dan held a virtual roundtable with a diverse group of employees from across the company, and met with others one-on-one, with a goal of expanding his own awareness and that of senior leaders throughout our company.

Earlier this month, I invited all of our employees to share their experiences and perspectives directly with me about racial inequality in their own personal lives. The stories have been eye opening and heartbreaking. And while I will never be able to fully understand the life experiences of victims of racism, it is essential to acknowledge and empathize with their unjust reality. We will listen and learn more from our employees so that we can continue to take actions — as individuals and as a company — that are meaningful and responsive to what we learn from our people, because they are the heart of everything we do.

 — From CEO Daniel Schrider’s statement on commemorating Juneteenth