ebiz Business Online Banking provides your business the ability to automate your reconcilement process by exporting paid check information to one of several different accounting packages (Quicken, QuickBooks, ) or to a Comma Separated Variable (CSV) format commonly found in many different general ledger vendor packages.

With the advent of image technology, the Bank now offers image statements and CD Image service.  Image statements provide clients with images of checks in serial number order for quick research reference.  CD Image also provides clients with a system of enhanced security since the CDs are password protected, and the CDs minimize storage requirements.

Feature Business Benefit
Cost effective Saves money by significantly reducing the time and manpower spent reconciling accounts.

Variety of reporting export options.
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ebiz reports improve audit controls by helping your business easily identify paid items, as well as encoding errors, unauthorized payments, and the status of stop payments.
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Reverse Positive Pay

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With the advent of PC's, counterfeiters can create checks and negotiate them for almost any amount.  Reverse Positive Pay is an excellent tool for controlling check fraud for customers utilizing the Bank's online banking product, ebiz.
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