March 30, 1868: Governor Swann approved charter granted by the Legislature of Maryland for a group of Quaker farmers to create a Savings Institution. Accumulated deposits were used primarily for home loans to community residents.


The first passbook, featuring an illustration of George Washington

The first passbook, featuring an illustration of George Washington
April 13, 1868: Bank officially opened its doors. The first savings passbook was issued to Joseph Moore of (Norwood) Sandy Spring and the first day deposits totaled $383. Within 10 years, deposits reached $100,000.
Caleb Stabler: First president of the Savings Institution. He and fellow officers worked for a salary of a penny a year. Mr. Stabler was President until he retired in 1882 and unfortunately died a year later at age 84. Caleb Stabler, the Bank's first president
spacer April 1874: First mortgage loan of $1,050 was made to Robert H. Miller.
1895: The Savings Institution of Sandy Spring constructed a new building to house its expanding business. On March 7th of that year the Board of Directors voted to extend the Bank’s hours on Mondays and Thursdays from 2 until 4 pm. 003
The first permanent home of the
Savings Institution of Sandy Spring
spacer August 1900: Comptroller of the Currency issued a charter for The First National Bank of Sandy Spring.
1904: Bank Director John C. Bentley helped the old Sherwood Academy become the area’s first public high school. spacer
The Bank has always been a big supporter of Montgomery County, and the Montgomery General Hospital 004
1918: Bank Director Robert H. Miller agreed to donate $100 to gain support for a community hospital. Later that year, the ground of Montgomery General Hospital was broken. The Bank’s support for the Hospital continues until present day.
1920: Employee Frank Hallowell was shot and killed when bank robbers entered the bank, locked all employees in the vault and escaped with $36,000. Gov. Albert Ritchie subsequently organized the Maryland State Police in December 1920.
Bank Director Frank HallowellBank Director, Frank Hallowell

Western Union telegram from the US Bank Commissioner, authorizing the bank to reopen after a 1-day closing during the Depression.

Western Union telegram
March 14, 1933: During the Bank Holiday of the Great Depression, the Sandy Spring Institution was found to be so safe & sound that it was allowed to reopen after just one day.
1956: Bank received approval for first branch
office in Olney.
First Community Office, Olney MD
The Bank opened its first community office, in Olney, Maryland.
1963: Bank opened a second branch office in Colesville.
August 24, 1972: The Burtonsville Branch opened, making it the fourth office to serve the expanded communities once served by the original Sandy Spring Office alone.

Fedoras and trench coats were definitely "in."

Bank Officials tour the Burtonsville community office construction site–fedoras and trench coats were definitely “in.”

Sandy Spring Bank “Brings home the bacon,” purchasing a 4-H champion pig for charity.

Sandy Spring Bank "Brings home the bacon."

August 30, 1982: Sandy Spring Bank purchased 4-H grand champion
market pig weighing 246 for
$3 per pound.
Just one of the many ways the
Bank supports 4-H year after year.

1986: Bank headquarters built in Olney.Bank officers wield the silver shovel to help break ground at the Bank’s new Olney Headquarters

Bank officers wield the silver shovel to help break ground at the Bank's new Olney Headquarters

125th anniversary celebration 125th anniversary celebration
April 13, 1993: 125th Anniversary

1996: Moved into Annapolis Area

April 5, 2002: Opened first office in Frederick County
November 6, 2002: Groundbreaking at Urbana Ground Breaking
RFC April 4, 2005: Rockville Financial Center opens
February 2007: Sandy Spring Bank establishes presence in Northern Virginia June 2007: Sandy Spring Bank tops $3.0 billion in assets
January 2009: Daniel J. Schrider named President and Chief Executive Officer dan schrider
spacer spacer


Sandy Spring Bank’s Board of Directors.
To Learn More About Our History Visit the Sandy Spring Museum.

1986: Bank headquarters built in Olney.