Business 35-Month Bump-Up CD

Business women and men around a conference table. Sandy Spring Bank 35-Month Bump-Up CD.

Looking for a great savings rate while maintaining flexibility if interest rates go up?  
The 35-Month Bump-Up CD offers you both.

The 35-Month Bump-Up CD is a fixed rate CD with a low minimum opening balance of just $2,500. And it offers you the option to increase your rate once during the initial term.  If at any time you would like to increase your rate, just check the interest rate on our standard 36-Month CD.  If it is higher than the interest rate on your 35-Month Bump-Up CD, you may request your one time bump-up to the higher interest rate. Just stop by any of our community offices.  We’ll help you get the higher rate for the remainder of your CD term.

35-Month Bump-Up CD


35-Month Bump-Up

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  • Disclosure

    *This is a fixed rate account. Minimum opening deposit is $2,500 and the maximum deposit is $10,000,000. Penalties for early withdrawal may apply. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) as of 7/3/19. If the interest rate on our standard 36 Month CD is higher than the current interest rate on your 35 Month Bump-Up CD, you may elect to adjust your current interest rate to the higher interest rate which will be paid for the remainder of the initial term. Option to bump up the interest rate is one time only during the initial term and requires you to visit a Sandy Spring Bank community office to redeem before the maturity date. Interest is compounded daily. It is our policy to credit interest monthly to your CD. The annual percentage yield assumes interest is credited monthly and remains on deposit until maturity. A withdrawal of interest will reduce earnings. The 35 Month Bump-Up CD will automatically renew as a 36 Month standard CD at the interest rate then being offered by us for your type of account. This is a limited time offer and subject to change without notice. The Bump-Up CD is not available for IRAs, institutional investors, public funds or in conjunction with other promotional offers. • For other provisions applicable to your account, please see our Commercial Deposit Account Agreement and if you are opening an account, your Receipt