Direct deposit involves electronically crediting consumer checking or savings accounts through the Automated Clearing House (ACH), instead of disbursing checks.  Replacing paper checks with electronic credits reduces your business’ costs and checking account fees, and also provides an important benefit (or payment alternative) to payment recipients.

Although direct deposit is most commonly used to disburse payroll credits to employees, it can also be used to disburse pension payments, annuity payments, and stock dividends.

Feature Business Benefit
Electronic payments replace checks.
Eliminates or reduces check handling and reconciliation costs
Tighter security.
Reduces investigation and replacement costs of lost and stolen checks, and enhances fraud control measures.
User friendly internet product provided by SSB which enables our clients to create and transmit direct deposit files through the Bank via a personal computer anywhere.
Workplace Banking
Sandy Spring Bank will offer your employees who wish to have their pay deposited at SSB a package of preferred financial services – including free checking.


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