Let your money work for your business. Sandy Spring Bank in Maryland and Virginia offers treasury management products and services to provide your business with the tools to reduce your organization’s administrative responsibilities, enhance your company’s information reporting, provide you and your staff with state-of-the-art electronic payment solutions, and maximize your working capital’s interest income potential. Working closely with you and your staff, our treasury management team will help to evaluate your account structure and tailor a custom treasury management program to meet the needs of your business.

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Sandy Spring Bank in Maryland and Virginia can help you manage your daily cash position with funds management, reporting, reconciliation, and a variety of investment options. Consult with a Sandy Spring Banker and we will tailor a program to your specific situation.

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A fast and convenient method to pay employees and collect customer payments

ACH Electronic Funds Transfers

Direct Deposit

Direct Debits

An efficient mechanism for companies to pay employees or collect payments electronically on a regular basis.
ACH information available in ebiz Business Online Banking. International ACH Transactions (IAT)

Automatic funding of disbursement accounts or automatic transfers of deposits to an operating or investment account.

Zero Balance Account

A service which consolidates deposits into one central account improving your ability to manage and invest funds.
» Zero Balance Account information available in ebiz Business Online Banking.

A convenient and timely way to monitor account information or transfer funds more efficiently.

Business Online Banking

An internet banking service that provides access to a full range of account information and initiates a variety of transactions. International ACH Transactions (IAT)

A secure and efficient way to accelerate processing of receivables and increase working cash.


A streamlined service which minimizes deposit processing times while providing information to update receivables and better manage cash.
»Lock Box information is available online through ebiz Business Online Banking.

Low-cost transfer process to collect or disburse funds to or from multiple bank locations.


A service which centralizes funds transfer. Provides cost-effective automated electronic funds transfers.
» Cash Concentration information available in ebiz Business Online Banking.
A safe and easy method to maximize investable funds while maintaining liquidity.

Sweep Investment Account

Excess funds are automatically invested on an overnight basis.
» Sweep Investment Account information available in ebiz Business Online Banking.
Efficient method to manage escrow accounts. Escrow Management
Expense Reduction – eliminates the need to maintain individual escrow accounts.

Flexible, convenient and secure way to make check deposits.


Make deposits electronically by using a desktop scanner connected to your PC and the Internet.

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