Swimming Pool Safety

August 5, 2019
Child and father playing toss in a pool. Sandy Spring Insurance Corporation


Fun in the sun is even better when you have a swimming pool in your backyard to stay cool on hot summer days. Despite all the entertainment that a swimming pool offers, there are also homeowner liabilities. Here are some simple safety tips for an enjoyable swimming pool season:


To Minimize Drowning Risks:

  • Install safety fences around the pool with a locked latch and place a cover over the pool when you are not using it. This should deter unwelcome guests from entering your property and trying to swim.
  • Always supervise welcome swimmers.
  • Do not allow swimmers to dive in shallow water.
  • Keep lifesaving equipment near the pool and learn proper use.
  • Do not allow swimmers to horseplay in the pool.

To Minimize Disease Risks:

  • Keep the pool water properly filtered and chemically treated.
  • Do not allow swimmers with open wounds or illnesses to go in the water.
  • Do not allow babies to swim unless they are wearing swim diapers. Regular diapers do not provide protection in water and will not protect against accidents.
  • Keep pets out of the pool.
  • Before going in the pool, make all swimmers take a shower.
  • Do not allow swimmers to drink pool water.

To Minimize Chemical Risks:

  • Avoid over-shocking the pool; keep chemicals at the proper levels.
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions carefully when adding chemicals to the pool or filtration system.
  • Keep pool chemicals stored and locked away in a cool, dry place where they are away from fire hazards and lawn care products. This should also avoid contact with children and those who may try to enter your property to use the pool without your permission.


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