Sharing My Story: Steve Hyde

Picture of Steve Hyde employee at Sandy Spring Bank Real Banking Requires Real Banker

I was born and raised in Olney, Maryland, on farmland that had been in my family for over one hundred years—and also happened to be close to the Sandy Spring Bank Olney branch. My father, Tom Hyde, worked as a Sandy Spring Volunteer firefighter for many years at a station around the corner from the bank’s founding branch. I went to school and church at St. Peter’s, located just behind the bank’s Olney headquarters. Growing up, wherever I was, Sandy Spring Bank was there too. As a kid, I had no idea that there was any another bank, because my family always banked with Sandy Spring Bank. 

When my parents needed a loan to build the home I grew up in, they went to Sandy Spring Bank. My brother and I often visited the bank with them, and I still remember getting free lollipops and treats for our dog, Snoopy.  Sandy Spring Bank was where my grandfather, Henry Hyde, saved his hard-earned money from growing crops. My great-grandfather, Thomas Hyde IV, even served on the Board of Directors for Sandy Spring Bank. 

Sandy Spring Bank has been a part of our lives and our community since 1900. That is why when my father retired, he went to Sandy Spring Bank to work in the facilities department as a courier. When I needed a part-time job while I went to night school, I jumped at the opportunity to work for Sandy Spring Bank. To me this was a great opportunity to work at an institution that I have always known and that my family has always trusted to be part of our lives. When I first started working at the bank stuffing envelopes, I had no idea that I would still be working here 20 years later. However, I do know that my family has always been proud that I work for Sandy Spring Bank and that I have spent my career at a place that has been part of my entire life, and our family history. 

I am honored to be from here, to work for a company that is truly for here, and to help carry on a family legacy for 150 years.

-Steve Hyde is an Assistant Vice President in the bank’s Information Technology department.