Sharing My Story: Emily Dinder

Picture of Sandy Spring Bank Emily Dinder. Real Life Requires Real Bankers. Emily Dinder, Leisure World Community Office. SSB Icon #SSB150.

This year I am celebrating my 20th anniversary with Sandy Spring Bank. In 1996, I fell in love and relocated to Rockville from Chicago. I worked for an ad agency in Chicago and it was a stressful life.  So when I moved, I was determined to have a career with more life balance. I cashiered at Safeway for two years, and during that time I met a banker. She explained to me that banks can offer a great career path and that there are usually opportunities to work your way up or to move into different positions.

The Sandy Spring Bank signs were always memorable to me, so I decided to give banking there a try. 

I started as a teller and I eventually had the opportunity to take a position in Regulatory Management, but I missed my clients! I felt so fortunate to be able to return to working at the drive-thru at our Leisure World community office—and I have been there ever since! 

I appreciate all the opportunities the bank has given me. I found my life balance, and I love being a teller at Sandy Spring Bank. #SSB150

- Emily Dinder is a Senior Teller at the Leisure World Community Office